...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
ISAIAH 40:31

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Moses and the (non)Burning Bush (Exodus 3)

 Welcome back friends! Last time we found out that Moses got married to one of the women he helped in the desert when some mean shepherds wouldn’t let her and her sisters feed their sheep. After he got married, Moses’ father-in-law gave him a job taking care of all his sheep. Moses would take the sheep on a four mile walk to the other side of the mountain to eat. While the sheep were grazing, Moses looked over and saw a bush that was on fire. He saw the large flame, but the bush was not burning!
 “That’s strange.” He thought to himself as he walked toward it.
 “Moses!” a voice came from inside the bush.
“This bush can talk, and it knows my name. This is really weird!” He said to himself as he got even closer.

 “ I am the God of Abraham and Jacob. Come closer, but take off your sandals. This is Holy ground.”
Moses did as God said and God continued. “I have heard the cries and prayers of the Hebrews. I am going to rescue them from the slavery of the Egyptians. Go tell the king of Egypt to let the Hebrews go.
 Moses got a little nervous. “Who am I that I can just walk into the king and tell him what to do?”
 God answered. “I will be with you. The king will refuse at first, but with my power and might, I will convince him to let you go, and to top it all off, I will have the Egyptian women give you their jewelry, silver and gold before you leave.”

Moses was a little more confident now, but he still had some questions. “Why would the Hebrew people even believe that you talked to me.  What do I say? What is your name? Who do I talk to first?”
“Relax Moses.” Said God. “I am the God of all your ancestors. Just go to the Hebrew church leaders and tell them that I spoke to you through a burning bush. They will believe you. Tell the people that my name is I Am, because I always was and always will be.

 What would you do if you saw a burning bush and it talked to you? I’d be a little scared myself!
When God spoke, Moses knew it was God right away. When we think that God is speaking to us, we can be sure by going to His word (the bible) and seeing if it agrees with what we heard. God never contradicts Himself.
God told Moses. “I will rescue the Hebrews.” He didn’t say, “Moses, you will rescue the Hebrews.” When we obey what God tells us, He does great things through us. What a privilege!
Moses questiones God. It’s OK for us to question God, but we must remember that God sees all thing.(even the future)He knows what is best all the time.
So relax, obey God and leave the rest up to Him.

Here is a coloring page for you! Ask your guardian to print it out for you. I had a lot of fun coloring the bush!

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